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Wow 2000 pageviews in under 2 months! Thats just awesome:D! Thanks everybody!

So there's a lot of good news for me the last days. First of all I almost finished my new piece called 'hope', going online in about a day or so. It's a space piece witch I'm really happy about:).
Secondly I bought a url called: YEA my own website! I'm building it as we speak so it will be online in about a week!

Personal friends on DA with awesome work! Check them out for sure!

:iconburning-liquid: :icondpone2: :icondanielpolak: :iconmousimouse: :icondubbelddesign: :iconblackmolley: :iconezekielceles: :iconspace-club:

Thanks to Burning-liquid for his support and all the other artist who make such nice art!
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Right.. so it's a new year and I just had 2 weeks vacation.. But I live in Holland and the weather SUCKED these last weeks. That has only one benefit: more time for art! So I painted alot these last days in my favorite programme photoshop! And I've learned so much to my opinion! Drawing nebulas really is my favorite thing and I can't get enough of it! So thats why I drew 2 new pieces: Fuego and Azul.. hope you like it!
more will come..

Days of practacing the art of spaceart: 6 weeks.

Thanks for your support and chears!

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So I made some new spaceart the last week and I can't stop making them! I've been doing it for over 2 weeks now with a lot of fun! Hope you can enjoy my work and if you do please leave a comment! Thanks Burning Liquid for his support the last days.. he's awesome! Check his gallery for sure:

Thats all for now! Keep those nice pieces comming!:)

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I'm a brand new artist and still have to develope some skills! So check out my first work and please give some useful comments :D. I've just finished my first spaceart and updated it! I know... it's super far frome perfect but it's something! I've been making illustrations for 2 months now and spaceart for only 8 days!

Keep up the good work and check ya latur!

Greetz, Akajork